Monday, 21 November 2016

Are you planning a Trip in Mexico City?

Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the World.  Here you have available many different tours and activities to experience, when you make your vacation plan,be prepared to spend enough time here, and you will get know why this destination remains so popular for tourist all over the world.

In addition, visitors are able to enjoy wide range of activities and experiences that MexicoCity offers.  Try to cover everythingand you will always remember your trip in Mexico City.

Here you have some of the most popular tours to do, and places to visit:

Take a City Tour:

In this city as big as Mexico's with more than 22 million habitats, time and organization are vital to get the best out of this massive city and it's not only big in size, it's a city with more than 4 thousand years of history.

A lot of visits exist to help you get an outline of the most captivating parts of Mexico City without getting overpowered by every one of the alternatives of historical centers, design, sights and sounds. One of the alternatives that could be incorporated into your visit is the approaching Metropolitan Cathedral, the biggest church in Latin America, which houses numerous fortunes from the pilgrim time of the city's history. It took an extremely difficult 250 years to manufacture, all around showed by the assortment of engineering styles as new individuals took up the venture throughout the years. Another alternative could be Chapultepec Park, home to 5 exhibition halls, 2 lakes, a zoo, peaceful plant gardens and, on the flip side of the scale, a carnival with one of the world's biggest crazy rides. For those with a longing to find out around 3000 years of human development, a visit to the world-class Anthropological Museum will fulfill you. A large number of relics are shown, including internment tombs, monster Olmec stone heads, the acclaimed Aztec Calendar Stone and a recreated Mayan sanctuary.

Wrestling Tour:

Come and have fun, get excited and be passionate with the world's best wrestling, Mexican wrestling is distinguished from others by its spectacular and especially for its authenticity that appeals to both young and old.

Walking Market:

Visit three of the most representative markets of Mexico City. La Merced which is one of the largest markets in Latin America, and traditional since colonial times; Sonora market, also known as the witches market and Jamaica, specialized in the sales of flowers. This is a journey with a lot of contact with locals as the markets that we visit are not tourist attractions, but places where city dwellers go to get vegetables, fruits, meat, candy, flowers, clothing or any amount of household items.

Puebla and Cholula Tour:

This tour will cross the mountains east of the city by a highway that offers breath taking views and beautiful landscapes of the volcanoes Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl, which can also be seen from Cholula, where we will visit and climb the largest pyramidal base in the world. The pyramid of Cholula which has a height of 64 meters and 400 meters on each side of its base being thus twice as large as that of Cheops in Egypt. From here we will admire the City of Cholula with its hundreds churches, one of which was built right there on top of the Great Pyramid.

Taxco and Cuernavaca Tour:

It was built in 1759 by French immigrant Jose de la Borda who literally stumbled upon a huge silver spring.Taxco is known worldwide for its quality silver mines and shops, you will have the opportunity to see and buy art pieces from Mexican artisans. Learn why Cuernavaca was given the nickname City of Eternal Spring. Take a full-day trip out of Mexico City admire Taxco, a unique colonial town famous for their silver works.

Teotihuacan Early Inside Tour:

Visit Teotihuacan "City of the Gods" in the early morning when the sun begins to rise over the pyramids, before the tour groups from Mexico City begin to cram the place.

Teotihuac√°n and Guadalupe Shrine:

Visit the great Pyramids of Teotihuacan, the most important anthropological site in Central Mexico Discover the Guadalupe Shrine, the most visited place in the world by Catholic pilgrims Go to Tlatelolco and the Plaza de las TresCulturas to explore an iconic site of ancient and modern Mexico Learn about the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations Visit the old and new basilicas of Guadalupe Discover the "Place where the Gods were born.

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